A few days ago our grandmother gave us a dozen fresh eggs… Going back home we stopped to get the mascarpone cheese, and for sure you have figured out what we wanted to prepare… Of course the Tiramisu, one of the most classic and iconic Italian dessert 🙂 . A dessert as rich as the Tiramisù in the summer? The summer … Read More

Coffee and caramel dessert

Only one week is left until Easter, therefore, it is the perfect time to reveal our dessert for the Easter lunch. Hoping for spring weather to organize a barbecue 😉 , we have chosen an elegant fresh dessert with coffee and caramel 😀 : layers of mascarpone cream cheese and lightly spiced coffee, separated by thin caramel discs. The coffee dessert, though it may … Read More

Croissants with ham, mascarpone and vanilla

Today we’re presenting a tasty snack: croissants with ham, mascarpone and vanilla… Some of you may be horrified to read vanilla among the ingredients of these fragrant tiny little croissants 🙂 . But do not worry, everything is under control! 😀 The use of vanilla in salted dishes and in particular with meat will give to your dishes an irresistible aroma, … Read More

Carrot cupcakes with lemon and almonds

Today, a special recipe: delicious carrot cupcakes with lemon zest and almond, topped with a mascarpone cheese frosting 😀 . The cupcakes contain half wholemeal spelt flour. Spelt is probably the oldest cereal cultivated by man, and leaves a sweet aroma more intense than wheat. Also, this grain is more easily digestible, even by people intolerant to gluten. Spelt was extremely … Read More

Mini Dobos with white chocolate

We reached the endind of the recipes for Christmas dinner, but of course we can not forget the dessert. Do you remember the Hungarian Dobos cake? Go now to review the recipe 😉 . Inspired by the whiteness of the snow (or perhaps by nostalgia of the absence this winter), we propose a variant with white chocolate: here are the … Read More

Dobos torta – Hungarian chocolate layered cake

As promised, we have prepared the dessert you voted the most votes and thank you for all the comments and private messages 🙂 . For this first survey the Dobos cake is the winner, but soon we will also present the chestnut dessert! The Dobos cake was created in 1885 by the Hungarian patissier József C. Dobos in honour of the National … Read More

Banana and Nutella Tiramisù

Someone will surely recognize today’s recipe, because we prepared yesterday during the Festival “Folklore e Enogastronomia” in Verrès (Italy) along with a cute group of children and former child… 🙂 . If you were not there or have not recognized this recipe, today we’re presentin a delicious variation of the classic tiramisu, with bananas, nutella and brown sugar 🙂 . Yesterday … Read More

Guy Fawkes Cupcakes

“Remember, remember the fifth of november, Gunpowder Treason and Plot. I see no reason, why Gunpowder Treason should ever be forgot” No, it’s not a quote of “V for Vendetta”, these are the first sentences of the rhyme “Remember Remember”. Tonight in England everyone will commemorate the Bonefire Night; a lot of bonfires and fireworks will be lit. To celebrate, we … Read More