Lemon balm mojito

After the classic and the non-alcoholic mojito, we present a new version! The lemon balm mojito, for the occasion presented as a video recipe, so you will have no problem to follow the instructions  😀 . We tried different herbs to use instead of mint in this cocktail, the variant that we liked the most is the one shown in this recipe; … Read More

Purple Spell (blueberry cocktail)

For a couple of week, we have started doing experiments in molecular cuisine… Finally we are ready to prepare you our first recipe: Purple Spell. This blueberry cocktail will amaze and delight your friends 🙂 . In a base of vodka and ice, small molecular blueberry float free… Just before drinking it, shake it and by magic your drink will turn deep purple.For … Read More

Frozen piña colada

Finally the first days of our brief and torrid mountain summer have arrived in Valle d’Aosta 🙂 . So here’s for you the famous piña colada, today in “frozen” version, that means the drink is served very cold, with plenty of crushed ice. This Puerto Rican cocktail was officially created only in 1963, by Ramón Portas Mingo… But who can really say … Read More

Aperol Spritz

Have you watched the cranberries spritz video recipe yet? In the video we presented 3 spritzes, today we’ll publish the third and most classic drinks: the Aperol Spritz 😀 .

Cranberries Spritz

Happy 2016! We’ll start the year with a new video! :). Because of the holiday season an aperitif cocktail is what we need want: we revisited the classic spritz by adding cranberries (or other red fruits of your choice) to give it a taste both sweet and aromatic. We chose a new format for the video of the recipe, without … Read More

Long Island iced tea

Long Island iced tea takes its name from the similarity to the classic iced tea, but unlike this innocent drink, it is made up of four spirits and stained with a dash of cola. The result? You will not notice any difference either in appearance or in taste… Just be careful not to overdo! 🙂 The Long Island may be born … Read More

Winter bud

Christmas is getting closer and closer, so today we’ll conclude dinner with Winter bud: a aperitif cocktail with prosecco, lychee cream and a drop of rose essence. We kinda love lychees, do you? There must be someone else always ordering the fruit salad in Chinese restaurants! 😀 In Winter bud the bitterness of prosecco wine is tempered by the sweetness … Read More

Lunar Eclipse

After the dessert, we could not forget a cocktail to celebrate Halloween in the company. So here Lunar Eclipses, a terrifying bloody molecular cocktail 🙂 . A base of blood orange and white rum, in which a purple moon with cherry flavour floats, enriched with a hint of ginger. Just before sipping cocktails, break the molecular cherry, spreading the “blood” … Read More

White Russian

Today we’re proposing the White Russian: a sweet and delicate classic cockatil, made with vodka, kalhua and cream, or milk if you want to make it more dietary 😉 . This cocktail derives from the Black Russian, which contains only vodka and kalhua. Probably you will remember it from the movie “The Big Lebowski” by the Coen brothers, where the … Read More

Violet spritz

For Easter lunch, we have proposed different dishes with very particular ingredients, and of course we could not leave behind the aperitif! In our defense, though,it will be quick to make, easy and could not fit better with spring : violet spritz! 🙂 Last but not least, Happy Easter to you all :D!