Gingerbread cookies, little Zenzy from Shrek

gingerbread cookies

Watching movies, we are always looking for scenes with dishes that inspire us: yet we had almost missed Shrek! In this animated movie by Dreamworks not only food is important in many scenes, but it also comes to life and becomes a nice side character: Zenzy! So here we’ve got our recipe of gingerbread cookies. Gingerbread are soft and spicy … Read More

Spiced twisted cookies with orange and cocoa

The spiced twisted cookies have a double flavor, half of the dough is scented with cocoa and orange peel (it’s always a winning combination 😉 ), the other half is flavored with vanilla and cardamom 🙂 . The two parts of the dough not only have two different flavors, but also two colors, a great way to create a cute tangled effect that will make … Read More

Strawberry and banana mousse

Go out now to collect or buy the last strawberries! Otherwise this recipe will haunt you until the next spring 😉 . Today’s recipe is an irresistible mousse with strawberries, bananas and Philadelphia cheese, to be served slightly cool as a refreshing dessert; or, in summer, as a base for a delicious ice cream 🙂Eating the mouse all alone, however, is a bit … Read More

Hazelnut Nutellotti: cookies with Nutella and hazelnuts

Today to celebrate the 5th of February we had a special recipe: the Hazelnut Nutellotti :D! Mouth-watering cookies made with only 3 ingredients (mmm to tell the truth we added one more to our recipe): Nutella, flour, eggs and chopped hazelnuts. We have added the chopped hazelnuts to make the cookies more aromatic and to create a light consistency contrast: eating this cookies with a very soft dough … Read More

Chocolate and pink salt cookies

Today we’ll present a tasty snack, not suitable for the faint of heart 🙂 , but absolutely a must for chocolate lovers 🙂 . Tasty cookies with dark chocolate, cocoa and a generous addition of Himalayan pink salt. The pink salt will give a nice salty contrast to cookies. If you have already savored chocolate with salt, you’ll know the taste; … Read More

Bichromatic Baci di Dama cookies – Lady’s Kisses

Let’s take a little break from the proposals for Christmas lunch… Of course you will not mind too much because we’re presenting a duo of Lady’s Kisses, a traditional italian pastry called Baci di dama 😉 . The first version is kinda classic with almond and hazelnut dough filled with dark chocolate cream. The second is the exact opposite: a … Read More

Sansa’s lemon and almond cakes

Today the 5th season of Game of Thrones will sadly close, we have been inspired by the book and the series to prepare a cake to taste during the last episode :). So, here come some lemon cakes with almonds, brown sugar and the exotic touch of cardamom. Halfway between a biscuit and a cake, these desserts look like giant … Read More

Banana cookies filled with Nutella

As some of you guys requested, we translated into English our recipe of the banana cookies filled with Nutella! 🙂 You certainly know how delicious the marriage between Nutella and bananas is. We decided to pay homage to this magical union with a delicate banana shortcrust pastry, flavoured with vanilla beans and filled with Nutella. These little cookies are perfect … Read More