No-bake pumpkin cheesecake

Although these days it’s still very warm, the first leaves of the trees have turned golden and the first pumpkins are ripe at last… What better way to introduce a new no-bake pumpkin cheesecake?? We had already presented a pumpkin cheesecake too a lot of time ago, a classic baked cheesecake with eggs and Philadelphia cheese. The today’s recipe is an egg-free cheesecake, … Read More

Coffee Cheesecake

Today we’re presenting a delicious variant of this traditional American cake: cheesecake flavored with coffee and a few grains of all spice to give a spiced note to the dessert 🙂 . This coffee cheesecake is so perfect for breakfast, certainly will make you smile all day long 😀 .  

Yogurt tart

Have you ever had to prepare a dessert for a dinner, but the summer afternoon was so hot that you did not want to turn the oven on? Well, surely… This yogurt tart will solve your problem 🙂 The yogurt tart is a quick and easy to prepare and usually appreciated by anyone! You can serve it in its most … Read More

Key lime pie

Today we’re presenting the official dessert of Florida: The Key lime pie. Perfect tart for the summer season! Quick to prepare, refreshing thanks to the sour and bitter taste of limes. It tastes like biting into a slice of lemonade 🙂 . The cream of the Key lime pie has very few ingredients: lime juice and zest, egg yolks and condensed … Read More

Chocolate and mint cheesecake

Have we told you yet that cheesecakes are one of our favorite desserts? Yes! Probably more than once 🙂 . So what better excuse to prepare another one without feeling guilty, even if series of lunches and dinners have been continuing since Christmas, as we had to take pictures for the blog 😀 . Here’s the chocolate and mint cheesecake! … Read More

Modern medlar tartlets

We had to. After experiencing the Renaissance medlar tartlets, we had to prepare a more modern and simpler version of them. So, we have replaced the eggs and fruit compote with a simple medlar jam, enclosing it in a super buttery dough which will literally melt in the mouth just like snow 🙂 . Sounds good, doesn’t it?!  

Renaissance medlar tartlets

Now that we have learned how to clean the medlar and make a delicious jam, we can prepare a delicate tart straight from 1653. Yes, you read that right, a recipe published for the first time in the book “A Book of Fruits & Flowers. The shewing Nature and Use of them, either for Meat or Medicine “, and that … Read More

Pastiera – Easter Neapolitan tart

We’re concluding the lunch menu for Easter with a traditional tart from Neples, Italy: an sweet dough enclosing a rich cream made with ricotta cheese, cooked wheat, candied fruit, eggs and spices. We are sure that you have already figured out what recipe is that… The unmistakable Pastiera 😀 . To prepare a good pastiera time and patience are indispensable, … Read More

Pumpkin cheesecake

If there’s a cake that we can’t get tired of, is the cheesecake. Perhaps because of its creaminess, perhaps for its fresh taste or because it can be garnished and flavored in any way. The first cheesecake that we presented in the blog were “Merida’s magic tartlets“, a classic Philadephia cake accompanied by blueberry jam. But for a while an … Read More

Pumpkin meringue tart

One last week until Halloween… You have carved your pumpkin yet? We are preparing it right now 🙂 . By decorating the pumpkin, we ended up with a lot of pulp, we could not have better excuse to prepare the irresistible pumpkin meringue tart: a delicate pumpkin custard, enclosed in a box of pastry and topped with a lightly golden roasted … Read More