Banana and avocado Muffins (no butter)

Have you ever been in the terrible situation of having to prepare muffins and having no butter at all? 🙁 That has happended to us and of course that was a tragedy, but having at home very ripe bananas and avocados, we started to experiment and made get these soft and tasty banana and avocado muffins scented  with vanilla 😀 . To … Read More

Strawberry and banana mousse

Go out now to collect or buy the last strawberries! Otherwise this recipe will haunt you until the next spring 😉 . Today’s recipe is an irresistible mousse with strawberries, bananas and Philadelphia cheese, to be served slightly cool as a refreshing dessert; or, in summer, as a base for a delicious ice cream 🙂Eating the mouse all alone, however, is a bit … Read More

Banana and Nutella Tiramisù

Someone will surely recognize today’s recipe, because we prepared yesterday during the Festival “Folklore e Enogastronomia” in Verrès (Italy) along with a cute group of children and former child… 🙂 . If you were not there or have not recognized this recipe, today we’re presentin a delicious variation of the classic tiramisu, with bananas, nutella and brown sugar 🙂 . Yesterday … Read More

Banana bread with chocolate chunks

To decide what propose you as our very first recipe was not easy at all! The ideas were different and confusing. An only constant: Taste! And if a recipe does not satisfy you, is there any reason you should prepare it? It was today breakfast to suggest the choice. We will start the blog as we started the day 🙂 … Read More

Banana cookies filled with Nutella

As some of you guys requested, we translated into English our recipe of the banana cookies filled with Nutella! 🙂 You certainly know how delicious the marriage between Nutella and bananas is. We decided to pay homage to this magical union with a delicate banana shortcrust pastry, flavoured with vanilla beans and filled with Nutella. These little cookies are perfect … Read More