Boston Clam Chowder

We continue our culinary journey in the United States, presenting the Boston Clam Chowder 🙂 . This soup, typical of the state of New England, is both tasty, thanks to bacon and clams, and delicate because the potatoes and milk dissolve the taste of the shellfish. The Clam Chowder is often served in a loaf of bread to be consumed with the … Read More

Moroccan mint green tea

Tea in Morocco takes on the role of a real ceremony and, unlike the Italian traditions, is also consumed during meals, maybe accompanying a delicious chicken bastilla or a vegetable couscous. The tea mostly used is the special gunpowder, a Chinese green tea that comes in the form of tiny dark balls. The infusion time for this tea is short, about … Read More

Spicy coffee semifreddo

Since summer hasn’t gone yet and the days are still warm, today we’re proposing a refreshing dessert. A spicy semifreddo, composed of two distinct layers connected to each other by the intense flavour of coffee 🙂 . The first layer is a cream made of fresh ricotta cheese and greek yogurt, delicately spiced with vanilla that enhances the taste of … Read More

Chickpea hummus

The hummus is a typical sauce of the Middle East, made of crushed chickpeas, lemon juice, garlic and tahini, a sesame seed cream. This spread is served as an appetizer and very widespread throughout the Middle East. Hummus is an Arabic word meaning chickpeas; the full name of this dish is ḥummuá¹£ bi á¹­aḥīna indicating chickpeas with tahini sauce. The tahini is … Read More

Dark hot chocolate

What could be better than a delicious hot chocolate during a snowfall ? 🙂 The preparation is simple and quick to encourage even the laziest. A few top-quality ingredients and you’ll be ready to face all the winter weather! If dark chocolate is not your favorite flavour, do not worry! Winter is long and soon we will share others types of this precious … Read More

Banana and Nutella Tiramisù

Someone will surely recognize today’s recipe, because we prepared yesterday during the Festival “Folklore e Enogastronomia” in Verrès (Italy) along with a cute group of children and former child… 🙂 . If you were not there or have not recognized this recipe, today we’re presentin a delicious variation of the classic tiramisu, with bananas, nutella and brown sugar 🙂 . Yesterday … Read More

White Russian

Today we’re proposing the White Russian: a sweet and delicate classic cockatil, made with vodka, kalhua and cream, or milk if you want to make it more dietary 😉 . This cocktail derives from the Black Russian, which contains only vodka and kalhua. Probably you will remember it from the movie “The Big Lebowski” by the Coen brothers, where the … Read More

Syrian coffee

You may think this recipe is very simple, but if you try it, you will certainly be seduced by the flavour of this spiced coffee! And when you sip it, maybe accompanying it with some rose loukoum, you’ll feel just like among the pages of “One Thousand and One Nights” 😀 . The paculiarity this coffee is adding some cardamom pods … Read More

Kahlua – Mexican coffee liqueur

With this recipe we inaugurate a new section of our website, the one that show how to prepare liqueurs at home 🙂 ! Today we’re presenting a liqueurs with unique flavour and taste, a treat for all the true coffee lovers: the Mexican kahlua. The kahlua is not very famous, perhaps because its origin dates back only to 1936, but … Read More

Plaice with spiced honey

Today we’ve been inspired by the taste of… the Ancient Rome! Earlier we attened a conference on the culinary tastes of Romans, we’ve decided to reinterpret in modern fashion the fish and honey mixture. Here’s the Roman plaice with honey, fresh ginger, black pepper and the fragrance of thyme! In the recipe we’ve omitted the Garum, an unmissable sauce that Romans used … Read More