Tomato velouté

Prepare and enjoy this tomato soup take us back with memories to our trip to Ireland a few year ago 🙂 . We were on the windy cliffs of Dun Aonghasa, the most famous of the prehistoric stone forts of the Aran Islands, County Galway. After a morning spent in the company of hospitable Irish weather, we could not ask for … Read More

Amaretti Stuffed Peaches

In late summer, our house has always been overrun by the aroma of peaches: extra sweet freshly picked, entrancing cooking and turning into jam, or, again, with a bitter note if stuffed with amarettos 🙂 . To prepare this dessert, we suggest you to use the quality sometimes called “peaches of the vineyard”, the ones that are small, slightly bitter and very aromatic. They … Read More

Half wholemeal pizza dough

Today we’ll show you one the basic ingredient we use the most 🙂 . A half wholemeal pizza dough, the whole wheat flour enhances the savour of the dough making it tastier 🙂 Bread machine If you’ve got a bread machine you can super-easily prepare this dough. Put all the ingredients in the machine, then select the “dough” program. Wait 90 minutes and … Read More

Wild rice with chicken, raisins and mint

Easter is coming, and also this year we want to propose a menu to be enjoyed in family. We’ll start by a fresh and particular first course: wild rice, enriched with chicken and raisins and flavoured with fresh mint… With this mild climate, you may already be able to harvest some mints leafs from your garden! 🙂 The rice we’re … Read More

Rocchetti pasta with mushrooms and ham

December 8th is approaching and with it also Christmas decorations! What about you? Have you already decorated the Christmas tree and your house? As you can see from the pic, we have already recovered the decorations from the attic 🙂 . After this small digression, let’s go back to the reason we are here… Our proposal for Christmas lunch: rocchetti … Read More


After harvesting a large basket of vegetables from the garden,  we decided to prepare the ratatouille. A mixture of seasonal vegetables: eggplant, zucchini and tomatoes accompanied with piperade sauce made of sweet peppers and onions, and flavoured with thyme, oregano and parsley 🙂 . The veggies are cut into thin discs and arranged alternately in concentric circles over a thin layer … Read More

Cupcakes 1708

Another August 17th has arrived and it is time to introduce a new version of our cake 1708! 🙂 Some of you may already know, today our mother Eva’s birthday would celebrate her birthday. Every year, we used to prepared her favorite cake and of course we wanted to continue the tradition. Today, we’re proposing the cupcakes 1708: the cupcake version … Read More

White Isabella grape jelly

Autumn is (sadly) coming, but the good thing about it are all the delicious fruits maturing in September. One of them is Isabella grape, a golden grape with strong scent of strawberries, native of North America! It is often used for the famous fragolino, an Italian wine, but today we want to present it in an unusual way; is there any … Read More

Banana bread with chocolate chunks

To decide what propose you as our very first recipe was not easy at all! The ideas were different and confusing. An only constant: Taste! And if a recipe does not satisfy you, is there any reason you should prepare it? It was today breakfast to suggest the choice. We will start the blog as we started the day 🙂 … Read More

Cake 1708 Deluxe

On this day, exactly one year ago, we published the Banana Bread… That’s right, today is the first anniversary of Fratelli ai Fornelli :D! To celebrate with you, we’re proposing a variant of the Cake 1708, our favorite :). The 1708 Deluxe maintains the union of the original cake: hazelnuts, raspberries and gianduja chocolate; but its dress is renewed, becoming … Read More