Cake 1708

With this recipe, we want to recreate the blend of hazelnuts and raspberries that we enjoyed in Vienna with the famous “Linzer Torte”: no longer a tart, but a super easy soft cake. Gianduja ganache makes the cake even more delicious, enhancing the flavour of hazelnuts. This is a very special recipe we created years ago on the occasion of … Read More

Shaken Iced Coffee with tapioca pearls and ginseng powder

A few months ago we visited a spice market and we ran into ginseng powder, directly obtained from the root once exsiccated. Since we love ginseng, we could not resist and we bought some, with the intention to try out new recipes. For today’s recipe, we have been inspired by these beautiful days of sunshine and warmth, perfect to enjoy a … Read More

Quiche with tuna and sweet peppers

Today we’re presenting a delicious quiche of Mediterranean flavor, with sweet peppers, tuna and olives 🙂 . Often our recipes have their own story… But this quiche was born almost by accident 🙂 . You’ll probably remember the terrible weather we had this spring, cold, gray and rainy… Except some rare sunny day. Just one of those beautiful days, we … Read More

Mahlabia – Moroccan orange blossom pudding

If you’re looking for an easy, light dessert, you’re in the right place! Today we’re going to show you the mahlabia a pudding of Moroccan and Egyptian tradition flavoured with orange blossom and sprinkled with roasted nuts! 😀 The savour of mahlabia will be so rich to transport you into the atmosphere of “One Thousand and One Nights”, but, as you will see in … Read More

Virgin Mojito

Many of you have requested us soft drinks, so we decided to start with one of the most famous and refreshing drinks: Virgin Mojito :D! This is the non-alcoholic variant of mojito, the popular Cuban cocktail flavoured with fresh mint and lime. In this version, the white rum is replaced by ginger ale, which adds a touch of spicy ginger to … Read More

Sansa’s lemon and almond cakes

Today the 5th season of Game of Thrones will sadly close, we have been inspired by the book and the series to prepare a cake to taste during the last episode :). So, here come some lemon cakes with almonds, brown sugar and the exotic touch of cardamom. Halfway between a biscuit and a cake, these desserts look like giant … Read More

Katniss Everdeen’s roasted quails with tangerine sauce

One year ago we began to explore the recipes from “the Hunger Games” novel, especially from the enormous buffet for the winners’ tour end party. As Katniss, we were blown away by the tons of tasteful dishes, so we had to try all the soups described on the first table of the buffet. If you haven’t tasted it yet, you should really … Read More

Potato Pirozhki – Пирожки с картошкой

One of the dishes you cannot miss during a journey in Russia are pirozhki 🙂 . These little buns may be filled with potatoes, meat, fish, mushrooms or cabbage and are perfect as a starter anyway. Filled with fruits, jam (or even chocolate 😉 ), pirozhki will enlighten your afternoon snack. During our last (alas only one) journey in the … Read More

Banana cookies filled with Nutella

As some of you guys requested, we translated into English our recipe of the banana cookies filled with Nutella! 🙂 You certainly know how delicious the marriage between Nutella and bananas is. We decided to pay homage to this magical union with a delicate banana shortcrust pastry, flavoured with vanilla beans and filled with Nutella. These little cookies are perfect … Read More

Katniss Everdeen’s Pumpkin Brew

If you haven’t read the novel “Catching Fire” or you’re waiting for the movie beware there might be some insignificant spoilers in this recipe 😉 . At the end of the “Hunger Games winner’s tour” there is a great party, held in the mansion of president Snow. The party buffet is enormous, there are tons of really tasteful dishes 😉 . We … Read More