Fast food dinner

Today, to celebrate the US Independence Day, we’ll not present a single recipe… But a menu, for a dinner with friends, to prepare the best-known American meal, typical of fast food: hamburger with fries ! 🙂 To prepare the best fast food dinner you have to take as long as necessary, and prepare every dish at home. Beginning with the burger buns, sweet … Read More

Milk and seed Danube Bread

These days we are on holiday 😀 , we’ll propose you a nice loaf, inspired by the sweet Danube bread, which we’ve just enjoyed lounging in the sun: a soft bread dough with milk enriched with fragrant sesame, poppy and amaranth seeds. This bread must be eaten strictly by hand, pulling a tiny ball, one after another, so laid down your knives … Read More

Rose and honey yogurt bowls

Today we’ll propose a pudding that reminds you the flavors from Greece: a delicate yogurt cream perfumed with rose and covered with honey jelly 🙂 . This Rose and honey yogurt bowls are quick to prepare and no need to turn on the oven ;), They are very refreshing and suitable  as a after dinner dessert.  

Roasted quails with butter

Quails are one of those dishes you have to try at least once in your life… And today we wanted to present a very simple recipe, roasted quails with mountain herbs, butter and fleur de sel 😀 . Back to 1537, quails become very popular, when the Queen of England Jane Seymour, third wife of Henry VIII, while expecting their baby, … Read More

Cocoa and citrus hearts

Saturday is Valentine’s Day, and you surely don’t want to miss the chance to impress and delight your beloved one with a fantastic and romantic dessert 🙂 ! We’ll propose cocoa and citrus hearts: chocolate sponge cake, flavored with lemon zest, filled with orange custard and coated with a thin layer of chocolate icing. The preparation of the hearts is not … Read More

Gazpacho – Cold Spanish vegetable soup

After a long and pleasant afternoon spent in the sun, we really needed to freshen up… We have therefore prepared the Gazpacho, a soup made with raw vegetables served cold 🙂 . We’ll propose the classic version of Gazpacho: with tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, garlic and bread, everything just minced and served strictly cold! Gazpacho is a recipe from Andalusia and has … Read More

Sacher Cupcakes

You certainly all know the Viennese Sacher Torte, the famous chocolate cake filled with apricot jam and covered with chocolate ganache 🙂 . Today we wanted to stay on the topic, proposing the smaller Sacher cupcakes 🙂 . Perfect for an afternoon with friends or as a small dessert after a summer dinner, this cupcake will be an explosion of cocoa, and … Read More

Quiche with asparagus and bacon

Asparagus is one of the vegetables our garden is full of during spring, we often try new recipes to give them new tastes. This time we tried a quiche with asparagus and speck, flavored with juniper berries and a hint of thyme 🙂 .Since we were experiencing the cake filling, certainly we could not use the classic puff pastry to enclose it … Read More


Turning on the oven with the temperatures of recent days would certainly be heroic 😉 , so here we are to prepare a fresh drink to be sipped during the hottest hours: lemonade 😀 . A recipe with few ingredients: lemon juice, sugar and water. Yet, even in its simplicity, this sour drink is incomparable to cool off under the sun … Read More

Crunchy Granola Muesli

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, at least that is what was handed down for generations, and even if this were not true, certainly waking up with a good breakfast helps a lot to be in a good mood 😀 . So what better excuse to prepare a delicious muesli at home? Crunchy oatmeal enriched with almonds and raisins … Read More