Purple Spell (blueberry cocktail)

For a couple of week, we have started doing experiments in molecular cuisine… Finally we are ready to prepare you our first recipe: Purple Spell. This blueberry cocktail will amaze and delight your friends 🙂 . In a base of vodka and ice, small molecular blueberry float free… Just before drinking it, shake it and by magic your drink will turn deep purple.For … Read More

Caramelized pineapple mousse with vanilla

Even if it snows and we are (still) in winter, we’ll present you a dessert with fruity taste and spring mood: a caramelized pineapple mousse made with ricotta cheese and perfumed vanilla seeds. This pineapple mousse, light and quick to prepare, is excellent served on its own, or also accompanied with a slice of freshly baked cake 😉 . Preparing the … Read More

Venere rice with prawns and orange

It’s been a long time since the last time we presented a rice recipe… And we wanted to prepare something special… So we took two birds with one stone and decided to add the aroma and taste of oranges to the classic black rice with prawns 🙂 . Choose carefully your black rice, taking care if it is a pre-cooked rice … Read More

White gianduja hot chocolate

The time of a homemade hot chocolate has come! 🙂 This time, however, we decided to prepare a recipe less known, but equally delicious and suitable for adults and kids: white gianduja hot chocolate! The term gianduia indicates the simple addition of hazelnut paste to chocolate, in this recipe, white chocolate. A marriage less common than with milk chocolate or dark chocolate, but … Read More

Shaken iced coffee

These last days of summer warmth are trying to disappoint us… So let us not be overwhelmed and let’s prepare a good shaken iced coffee instead 🙂 !An easy and fast idea for a chat with some friends 🙂 .  

Green tomato jam

At the end of summer we often find ourselves with green tomatoes that do not want to mature… Here’s an unusual idea to use them: the green tomato jam 🙂 . This is an old recipe, handed down from our mom, and it is a great jam to be spread on bread, but it also perfect to fill pies or to accompany … Read More

Soupe à l’onion – Parisian onion soup

Autumn humidity has come, but we certainly won’t let it bring us down! 😉  That’s why we decided to prepare a dish that we personally have tasted in the the Halles in Paris: la soupe à l’onion gratinée, an onion soup with bread and cheese 🙂 . According to tradition, this onion soup should be eaten at dawn after a night out and, … Read More

Bichromatic salted Baci di Dama cookies – Lady’s Kisses

Here’s a nice appetizer, layered and very colorful as we promised last week 🙂 . The bichromatic salted Baci di Dama cookies are spiced up with turmeric and paprika and stuffed with a delicious mousse made with ham and Philadelphia cheese 😀 . We chose to prepare these small Baci cookies, first of all because they’re are good, secondly because they are layered (which … Read More

Coffee and caramel dessert

Only one week is left until Easter, therefore, it is the perfect time to reveal our dessert for the Easter lunch. Hoping for spring weather to organize a barbecue 😉 , we have chosen an elegant fresh dessert with coffee and caramel 😀 : layers of mascarpone cream cheese and lightly spiced coffee, separated by thin caramel discs. The coffee dessert, though it may … Read More

Seuppa vapeulleunentse: Cabbage and fontina cheese flan

Another unique dish from the Aosta Valley! 😀 Cheers! For those not familiar with this delicacy of the Aosta Valley, the seuppa vapeulleunentse is a flan made with cabbage, fontina cheese and bread, native from the small village of Valpelline. Although, to be honest, an accurate and official recipe of this dish does not exist. Yep! Translating the word “Seuppa” into … Read More