White gianduja hot chocolate

The time of a homemade hot chocolate has come! 🙂 This time, however, we decided to prepare a recipe less known, but equally delicious and suitable for adults and kids: white gianduja hot chocolate!

gianduja hot chocolate

The term gianduia indicates the simple addition of hazelnut paste to chocolate, in this recipe, white chocolate. A marriage less common than with milk chocolate or dark chocolate, but equally magical! Try it! 😀 .

If you prefer dark chocolate, have a look at the dark chocolate… Or Prepare them both and choose your favorite 😉 .

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White gianduja hot chocolate

Cuisine Egg free, Gluten free, Vegetarian
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Servings 2 cups
Difficulty Easy


  • 400 ml of milk
  • 150 g of white chocolate
  • 15 g of potato starch
  • 100 g of hazelnuts


  1. For good gianduja hot chocolate, you must first find the best hazelnut paste. If you find hazelnut paste you can skip to the next step, otherwise follow our instruction to DIY 🙂 . Choose good quality hazelnuts, place them in a baking pan and toast them in the oven for a few minutes at 180 °C. This process will help the nuts to turn into hazelnut paste and it will further enhance the aroma.
  2. Place the hazelnuts in a powerful mixer and chop for about ten minutes, until the nuts release their natural oil. Here's your hazelnut paste.
  3. Heat the milk on the stove, add the white chocolate into small pieces and mix constantly.
  4. Apart mix the starch with a little milk and add to the mixture on the fire: following this little trick, you won't have any lump!
  5. Cook a few minutes, until thickened; then add your hazelnut paste and mix carefully 🙂 .


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