Nougat (Torrone)

The soft nougat is one of our favorite sweet sins, a small bite of this delicious sweet can’t ever be denied 😉 . The ingredients to prepare it at home are very simple: honey, sugar and dried fruit at your own will (hazelnuts, almonds and pistachios in the traditional variants). We just have to get to work! Read the whole recipe before … Read More

Chocolate and caramel muesli

Waking up in a good mood is very important, and certainly having the same breakfast every day does not help, so after the crunchy granola muesli with almonds and raisins we had to present you a new granola recipe we are enjoying this very morning: chocolate and caramel muesli, enriched with crunchy toasted hazelnuts 😀 .  

Tartlets with leeks and potatoes

Happy New Year 🙂 ! We’ll start 2015 with a vegetarian quiche made with vegetables typical of the winter months. Here are the tartlets with leeks and potatoes, enriched with parmesan, enclosed in a tasty hazelnut shortcrust pastry. Notes If you want to prepare a single pie, you have to increase by 50% the crust ingredients and double the filling, and then … Read More

White gianduja hot chocolate

The time of a homemade hot chocolate has come! 🙂 This time, however, we decided to prepare a recipe less known, but equally delicious and suitable for adults and kids: white gianduja hot chocolate! The term gianduia indicates the simple addition of hazelnut paste to chocolate, in this recipe, white chocolate. A marriage less common than with milk chocolate or dark chocolate, but … Read More

Hazelnut Nutellotti: cookies with Nutella and hazelnuts

Today to celebrate the 5th of February we had a special recipe: the Hazelnut Nutellotti :D! Mouth-watering cookies made with only 3 ingredients (mmm to tell the truth we added one more to our recipe): Nutella, flour, eggs and chopped hazelnuts. We have added the chopped hazelnuts to make the cookies more aromatic and to create a light consistency contrast: eating this cookies with a very soft dough … Read More

Risotto with leeks, bacon and hazelnuts

Let’s continue, without delay, with the recipes for the Christmas dinner! This year we propose a tasty risotto with leeks, enriched with crisp slices of bacon and hazelnuts 🙂 .  

Bichromatic Baci di Dama cookies – Lady’s Kisses

Let’s take a little break from the proposals for Christmas lunch… Of course you will not mind too much because we’re presenting a duo of Lady’s Kisses, a traditional italian pastry called Baci di dama 😉 . The first version is kinda classic with almond and hazelnut dough filled with dark chocolate cream. The second is the exact opposite: a … Read More

Cupcakes 1708

Another August 17th has arrived and it is time to introduce a new version of our cake 1708! 🙂 Some of you may already know, today our mother Eva’s birthday would celebrate her birthday. Every year, we used to prepared her favorite cake and of course we wanted to continue the tradition. Today, we’re proposing the cupcakes 1708: the cupcake version … Read More

Cake 1708 Deluxe

On this day, exactly one year ago, we published the Banana Bread… That’s right, today is the first anniversary of Fratelli ai Fornelli :D! To celebrate with you, we’re proposing a variant of the Cake 1708, our favorite :). The 1708 Deluxe maintains the union of the original cake: hazelnuts, raspberries and gianduja chocolate; but its dress is renewed, becoming … Read More