Dark Chocolate Truffles with black sesame and pink salt

Today we’re presenting small and sinful dark chocolate truffles flavored with black sesame seeds and a pinch of Himalayan pink salt, perfect to impress your guests 😉 . The truffles, thanks to sesame and pink salt, will be slightly salty. If you have never tried the chocolate with a pinch of salt, you should try it immediately, it’s a great … Read More

Chocolate and Salt Contest

Finally, our first contest 😀 ! We chose to start with a particular ingredient combination: “Chocolate and Salt” 🙂 . Do not worry this particular pairing can give great satisfaction, to take away any doubts we’re presenting a recipe of delicious chocolate and pink salt cookies. To enter the contest you must invent a recipe that has chocolate or cocoa and … Read More

Chocolate and pink salt cookies

Today we’ll present a tasty snack, not suitable for the faint of heart 🙂 , but absolutely a must for chocolate lovers 🙂 . Tasty cookies with dark chocolate, cocoa and a generous addition of Himalayan pink salt. The pink salt will give a nice salty contrast to cookies. If you have already savored chocolate with salt, you’ll know the taste; … Read More