Rose and honey yogurt bowls

Today we’ll propose a pudding that reminds you the flavors from Greece: a delicate yogurt cream perfumed with rose and covered with honey jelly 🙂 . This Rose and honey yogurt bowls are quick to prepare and no need to turn on the oven ;), They are very refreshing and suitable  as a after dinner dessert.  

Pork roast with Russet Apples

Temperatures have dropped and, as someone says, winter is coming, so we’ll propose a roast to be slowly cooked in the oven, letting its scent invade the whole house 😉 … Here is a pork roast with russet apples, flavored with honey, cinnamon, cloves and black pepper. Why precisely russet apples? We have chosen them for their taste not too sweet, nor too sour, perfect together with … Read More

Pizza with ham, gorgonzola, apple and honey

Today we wanted to delight you with a new pizza! Although it is one of the last pizza that we have tried, we liked it so much that we immediately inserted among our favorite… A recipe does not need to age like wine 😉 ! Back to the pizza: a thin layer of tomato sauce with the addition of mozzarella, … Read More

Salassi Roast: chicken roast with herbs

If you remember, our blog is culinary partner of Gorchlach: the legend of Cordelia and, as promised, we’ll continue the journey through time presented by the series itself 🙂 . These first gloomy days of autumn have inspired us and made us think about what probably our Salassi ancestors met during their passage over the Alps to conquer the today’s Valle … Read More

Pizza with cherry tomatoes, sweet peppers and honey

Months ago we presented you the recipe for the Half Wholemeal Pizza dough, but we realized we had’t proposed anything to use it yet! 😉 So here’s a white pizza with cherry tomatoes, sweet peppers and onions, flavored with a spicy honey to recall Middle East 🙂 .

Pain épices tiramisu

We have reached the grand finale of the Christmas dinner, and for such an important occasion dessert must be not only good, but also scenic and well presented, so we propose a tasty pain d’épices tiramisu served in single-portion cups 🙂 . Layers of sponge cake lightly spiced with anise and all spice, wet with a little drop of Grand Marnier, … Read More

Ham and apple roses

Few weeks left until Christmas and… You know what time has come? No… We’re not talking about gifts, for that there is still a lot of time (like Christmas Eve :P), but about Christmas dinner 😀 ! Dive right then immediately into the warm and cozy Christmas atmosphere with a nice appetizer: apple and ham roses flavored with grains of java pepper … Read More

Katniss Everdeen’s lamb stew with dried plums and wild rice

The past years we have presented two recipes taken from famous books Hunger Games: the pumpkin brew and roasted quails with tangerines. Today at the release of the last chapter of the saga, we could not let slip the opportunity to present the favorite dish of Katniss! The lamb stew with dried plums and wild rice. “The stew’s made with tender chucks of lamb … Read More

Confis Tomatoes

Mid-August, vacation time… We will travel with the taste: while sitting at the table you’ll enjoy the colorful cuisine of Morocco. Today we’re presenting a traditional meze: confis tomatoes with honey, sesame seeds and a mild spice mix 🙂 . The meze are typical starters of Moroccan cuisine, served on the table in a myriad of small bowls and accompanied by … Read More

Citron pollock with cailletier olives and orange blossom honey

After the wild rice with chicken, raisins and mint let’s continue the menu for Easter, with a fish main course: pollock fillets scented with slices of citron, sweetened by orange blossom honey, and with capers and cailletiier olives. Citron is normally consumed candied; it has a less sour than lemon but with of more pronounced bitterness. When you’re using it in … Read More