Quince cheese

The quince cheese is a sweet and hard jam made with quince and that can be cut into cubes. Very good and perfectly transportable, it is great for a healthy snack on the road šŸ˜‰ . Preparing the quince cheese is simple but you need a little patience because quinces are not edible raw; they need a long cooking to … Read More

No-bake pumpkin cheesecake

Although these days it’sĀ still very warm, the first leaves of the trees have turned golden and the first pumpkins are ripe at last… What better way to introduce a new no-bakeĀ pumpkin cheesecake?? We had already presented a pumpkin cheesecake too a lot of time ago, a classic baked cheesecake with eggs and Philadelphia cheese. TheĀ today’s recipe is an egg-free cheesecake, … Read More

Candied cherries

Last week, in the recipe of cherry jam, we mentioned other recipes with cherries šŸ™‚ . So today we’ll show you another way to preserve these wonderful fruits, they’ll be perfect to decorate and flavor cakes throughout the winter… Candied cherries šŸ˜€ The preparation of candied cherries is a bit different from that of oranges, because you cannot cook cherries … Read More

Cherry Jam

Cherry jam is one of the most classic jams. ItĀ is loved for its sweet and strong taste and for its bright red color, which makes it a pleasure for the eyes and for the palate šŸ™‚ . In early June our house is literally invaded by cherries, because ourĀ cherry tree is almost taller than the house itself, making harvesting the … Read More

Banana and avocado Muffins (no butter)

Have you ever been in the terrible situation of having to prepare muffins and having noĀ butter at all? šŸ™ That has happended to us and of course that wasĀ a tragedy, but having at home very ripe bananas and avocados, we started to experiment and made get these soft and tasty banana and avocado muffins scentedĀ  with vanilla šŸ˜€ . To … Read More

Spiced twisted cookies with orange and cocoa

The spiced twisted cookies haveĀ a double flavor, half of the dough is scentedĀ withĀ cocoa and orange peel (it’s always a winning combination šŸ˜‰ ), the other half is flavored with vanilla and cardamom šŸ™‚ . The two parts of the doughĀ not only have two different flavors, but also two colors, a great way to create a cute tangledĀ effect that will make … Read More

Caramelized pineapple mousse with vanilla

Even if it snows and we are (still) in winter, we’ll present you a dessert with fruity taste and spring mood: aĀ caramelized pineapple mousse made with ricotta cheese and perfumed vanilla seeds. This pineapple mousse, light and quick to prepare, is excellent served on its own, or also accompanied with a slice of freshly baked cake šŸ˜‰ . Preparing the … Read More

Mimosa cupcakes

Today we haveĀ a nice idea to surprise aĀ friend, girlfriend or mom for Women’s Day! šŸ˜€ Why shouldĀ you buy flowers, when you can prepare yourself a dessertĀ that remembers mimosas? So here’ve got the mimosa cupcakes, flavoredĀ with vanilla and orange blossom šŸ˜€ . The Mimosa cake traditionally requiresĀ a custard filling… But to make it easier, we decided to omit the custardĀ and replace … Read More

Croissants with ham, mascarpone and vanilla

Today we’re presenting a tasty snack: croissants with ham, mascarpone and vanilla… Some of you may be horrified to read vanilla among the ingredients of these fragrant tiny little croissants šŸ™‚ . But do not worry, everything is under control! šŸ˜€ The use of vanilla in salted dishesĀ and in particular with meat will give to your dishes an irresistible aroma, … Read More

Strawberry and banana mousse

Go outĀ now to collect or buy the last strawberries! Otherwise thisĀ recipe will haunt you until the next springĀ šŸ˜‰ . Today’s recipe is an irresistible mousse with strawberries, bananas and Philadelphia cheese, to be served slightly cool as a refreshing dessert; or, in summer, as a base for a delicious ice cream šŸ™‚Eating the mouse all alone, however, is a bit … Read More